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R&R, Crochet, and heading home

The past five days have been wonderful, between the fabulous time I had at the Sock Summit on Friday and Saturday, and the wonderful and restorative visit I have had with friends here in Oregon City with my good friends,  I am relaxed, refuelled and ready to get back into the swing of things. (And I am REALLY looking forward to giving that big man of mine a hug when I get home!)

This week, I’ll get more pictures done of the loot I’m carting home, and decide (eep, that’s not going to be easy) on who wins what in the CLF Baby Got Drape competition. Tomorrow the drive will take me about five hours, and I plan on winding home leisurely while looking very forward to my next visit, which may be in September for the Oregon Flock & Fiber festival!

Any chance to stay with my dear friends Gabrielle and Thomas Chavez is grabbed up greedily! Gabrielle is a raw food chef par excellence! So, I always leave here not only rejuvenated by the decade long friendship and commeraderie, I also leave with a full tummy, and feeling very healthy! How’s that for bang for your buck! I want to give the Chavezes a little plug here, since there are a few spaces left for the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat at the end of August. It’s very very worth the time and exceedingly affordable and transformational experience!