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Are you ready for a VERY TWISTED HALLOWEEN??

Portland, Oregon are you ready for a VERY TWISTED HALLWEEN? Fearless Leader (me…and yes it is wierd to speak of oneself in the third person :))  has arrived, pirate costume in hand, spinning wheel, fleece and hooks galore!

Come on down to Twisted on NE Broadway tomorrow Friday October 30th from 5pm – 8pm and help us crochet a GIGANTIC spiders web…and meet what the Crochet Liberation Front has certified as “Possibly the World’s Most Gigantic Usable Hook!” made by our very own Jimbo! Infamous World Traveling Fiber Artist and Activist, Rockpool Candy is joining us all the way from Northern Ireland!!! I’m so excited to meet her LIVE in person!

This is going to be one heck of a party folks! Remember October 30th from 5-8pm, and Saturday (Halloween) from 12noon-4pm ! Join us we’ll be spinning and crocheting the web!

Check out our famous hooklebrity on Jimbo’s blog!

International Crochet Day: Sept 12

The Great Jimbo of Jimbo’s Frontporch has created a MONSTER hook, in fact it could be a world’s record breaking hook and we’ll find out about that in Portland, Oregon at Twisted! Halloween Weekend…

But above all else Jimbo is famous for not just making beautiful hooks of art, he decreed and declared (three years ago) that there be an International Crochet Day every September 12th!

We are still lobbing Hallmark to make fantanstic cards and useless gifts to go along with the occassion but they have not met our demands…phooey!

Anyway, the Crochet Liberation Front utterly and completely adores this International Day and ask all of you who love the hook, who love the yarn, who love crochet to blog, crochet in public (CIP), to wear your glorious hand crafted fashions, to drape your family, and pets, and yet even the Hermit Crab in crocheted goodness! (Ok, maybe draping the hermit crab is going a bit far…)

What are your plans for this illustrious day?

Fall Issue of Crochet Uncut!

Hey hooksters the unofficial official magazine of the Crochet Liberation Front: Crochet Uncut, has released it’s Fall Issue! Just in time for our itchy fingers to get busy!

Also a few places of note: The fourth weekend of this month called September, I’ll be trekking down to the Oregon Flock and Fiber with my good friend, nature photographer Bec Thomas to see fibery goodness, and hopefully hook up with Myra Wood who is teaching a wonderful class at this huge event! YAY!

Then my family and I are heading down to Portland Oregon for Halloween to hang out with Inga (Rockpoolcandy) and Jim (Jimbo) to do something with the world’s largest crochet hook, handspinning, crochet and a spiders web! Stay tuned for more information!

If you are a spinner/crocheter or like to goofy and are in the Portland area and want to help let us know!