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Hooks & Boats

 This is where hooks shall be whittled with Jimbo the greatest hook maker I know! The best part about him coming to the retreat (besides getting to see him cause he’s so awesome) is that he’s teaching how to whittle your own hooks, and both my hubby and my son’s best friend signed up to take his class! Hah! More hooks for me!

Fall has definately arrived at Cama, sadly we’re not getting huge amounts of fall color because of the way we were wet and then really dry, the poor leaves aren’t real sure about what to do! Yet we’re having the most glorious foggy mornings with crisp sunny days! WONDERFUL weather for a retreat! Now if the orcas show up like I ordered it’s all good!

I was taking care of details and logistics with Andrew from CWB and park staff yesturday. You wouldn’t believe how excited everyone is for the retreat to start! I brought Big Red the octopus, which I finally finished, just need to weave in ends, and they fell in love!

They are all plotting and scheming along side me about how to best do the exhibit and how to get as much participation as possible, and where to do fundraisers with it! It’s great to have our enthusiasm for our craft spill over to others! Ok, so most of these folks are like family to me, this park is really special and we have all put our heart and soul into it, so you know that makes a difference. But in some odd way I feel like I can finally bring two of the best things in my life together in one place! The CLF and Cama Beach, what a fabulous combo!

You still have time to sign up for the retreat but not much, I stop taking registrations Oct. 10. Even day pass folks get the fabulous goody bags so, if you can only make it for the day please come! To register go to our website!

National Crochet Month! It’s here again!

What are you doing for Natcromo? For that matter what are you doing for International Crochet Month? Where ever you live, if crochet is part of your life then this is the month to celebrate all things hookable.

The CLF is co-host of this years Natcromo Party on Ravelry.com, with the usual fun and games! And CLF member Nexstitch has begun a campain to get #crochet as a twitter trending topic! Let’s help her out with that!! Follow her, and the CLF for that matter! (She’s Nexstitch on Twitter too, and we’re CrochetLibFront)  Retweet all the tweets about crochet! Let’s show the world how cool it really is to be a hookster!

Now, here’s some REALLY exciting news!! The web registration is up and running for the retreat! Go to http://www.crochetliberationfront.com Finally!! If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact me via my email!

Here’s to crochet!!

CLF NEWS: Retreat Update

Ok crochet fans…Just a reminder that I’m working on the webpages for the retreat. I’m ALMOST done. It’s not hard to make the pages, but I was trying to figure out the logistics of how to set them up, and I have finally figured out the simplest route.

Now as you know this retreat is a bit different, people will register for their classes with the individual instructors after they sign up for the retreat…making the pages work so that you didn’t have a GAGILLION pages to surf through was my issues, and I think I have solved it 😉

The retreat will only have three hours of formal class time in the morning, but the rest of each day will be full or creative crochet opportunity with a fun packed program each night!

Teachers will be:

Deborah Burger (cerdeb on Ravelry), Bonnie Pierce (Nationally reknown freeforming Diva), Jim “Jimbo” Price (Hook maker extraordinaire), Laurie Wheeler (aka Fearless Leader), and Karen Whooley (Nationally known crochet teacher and prolific author).  Guest speakers will include, Andee Graves, Jim Price and myself and we’ll have a yarn tasting!!

Big thanks to the Center for Wooden Boats for partnering with us on this event! Remember to book your cabins or bed and breakfast accomodations now! You can find more information on our Website, and I should have everything ready for registration by the end of  this coming week.

Sign up for classes with Fearless Leader!

Hi CLFers!

If you are in NW Washington, you can join me at Pinch Knitter’s in Stanwood for some crochet classes, starting next month.

Each Friday I will be teaching from 11am-1pm.

The first class is a beginning class (so maybe that friend of yours who wants to learn can sign up!), this is a three hour class designed to teach the basic crochet stitches, how to read a simple pattern, and create an attractive washcloth/facecloth from beautiful kitchen cotton.

Footie Sock Class: Feb 12,19, 26

Learn to make quick and easy crocheted socks, using fine sock yarn. This step by step class will get you moving on how to create a sock to fit just right!

Crocheted Roses, Flowers and Leaves: March 5th

This  class is a nod to free form, with just a little structure! Learn the basic construction methods for creating beautiful, fun, and inspiring flowers, roses and leaves. While not a traditional Irish Crochet, the roots of these flowers comes from that most honored echelon of crochet! We will use both a beginning pattern, and also learn how to craft unique flowers and leaves using some basic guidelines!

**CLF NEWS** CLF Retreat

Hello crochet enthusiasts!

I hope your New Year has abounded with cheer and good things! I feel considerably lighter as we progress into 2010! Here’s to an awesome year! Part of that bubbling excitement is the realness of THE YEAR OF THE RETREAT. As I write this I have my webbuilding software up, and my word processing software up, and I’m finalizing the schedule and web pages for the retreat! That’s right, soon you can register for the retreat and for classes!

You can start booking you cabins  at Cama Beach State Park.  On our retreat webpage there is another link that takes you Camano Island Chamber of Commerce’s list of B&B’s and other accomodations for those of you who wish for a little more luxury in your stay.

We have a thread happening in the CLF Message Board so if you need cabin mates feel free to “hook up” there!

One of the really great things about Cama Beach State Park is the fact there is a wonderful enduring partner in The Center For Wooden Boats. They have graciously agreed to partner with us in the great retreat event! We will make an afghan for their auction at the retreat, and yes it is soooo possible! Check out Center For Wooden Boats and their fabulous programs for adults and youth!

I can’t wait to share the whole event with you! Thank you to the early birds who have already taken advantage of signing up for cabins! You just don’t want to miss out of the fiber adventure of the year!

I also want to remind you that if you haven’t picked up a copy of the CLF First Ever Book they are still available on the website as both a hard copy and a .pdf download! Another little reminder is that I have a guide to fibers called the Secrets of Yarn Project Guide and it’s available for download on lulu.com

International Crochet Day~ September 12th

Port Towsend Celebrates it's 33rd Wooden Boats Festival

Port Townsend Celebrates it's 33rd Wooden Boats Festival


So, yesterday and part of today I played in Port Townsend, WA which was having it’s 33rd annual Wooden Boats Festival. Port Townsend also happens to be where Mr. Fearless Leader grew up, and his folks still live so we decided to head over this weekend to a) celebrate daughter’s upcoming Sweet 16th, and b) go look at the new center and see all the funky boats.

However, keeping in mind that today was International Crochet Day as declared by our beloved Jimbo two years ago,  I represented the hook as we walked the docks, and saw some pretty incredible boats!

Crocheting in public

Crocheting in public.

Crocheting on the docks of Port Townsend WA

Crocheting on the docks of Port Townsend WA

Oh yeah and there were boats at the Port Townsend Wooden Boats Festival
Oh yeah and there were boats at the Port Townsend Wooden Boats Festival