Da Book…

The Book will be released after the Fall Show in Portland…I have ordered the proof, but I’m not sure all of it is going to print as clear as I would like to see it print…so I’m redoing the book (formatting and sizing etc) to ensure that our wonderful CLF Minions are displayed as they deserve…

I am indeed a strange kind of perfectionist, especially when it comes to those I care for…and I really do love all of my wacky, creative, soulful, and inspiriting CLF Members…Really I do! So, we’re re-formatting the book…(Yes, I do have it memorized by now 🙂 ) and it will by perfect when it’s printed!!!

In the meantime what will I have for show in Portland for the Knit and Crochet Show?

T-shirts and buttons and keychains and some samples from the book 🙂 Postcards and well, the chance to meet myself and my family and I get to meet you! Head on Down to the Oregon Convention Center Sept 12-14 for a rockin’ good time 🙂

Let’s make some noise!

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