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Holiday Crochet: Gifts for Crocheters!

I am going to make a brief departure from our regularly scheduled posting about cool and quick holiday crochet gifts, and make a nice suggestion list for those who will gift US!

Over the years my husband has been very supportive of my hooking and yarn and fiber and wheel habit, some of his gifts to me have included:

  • Handturned crochet hooks (made by him)
  • Handturned Nostepinnes (made by him)
  • A rocking chair…yeah it’s crochet equipment, I sit in it to spin and to crochet ūüėČ (he made that too, yes I know I’m lucky!)
  • A hook holder
  • An Ott light because I asked for it. (Though I don’t like it, it’s not real light spectrum, it’s a blue spectrum light and that doesn’t work for my eyeballs.)
  • Light up crochet hooks, cause dang it they are too cool and can second as mini light sabers.
  • Several wads of cash to go buy yarn (as a present, not me just buying it).

So other than these nifty ideas I thought to make a list for you to give your Significant Other, Partner, Mom, Dad, Uncles/Aunts, Kids, Cousins, Friends, and co-workers.

  • Gift Certificates to craft supply stores or better yet your Local Yarn Store ( If they are nice)
  • Funky tape measures, yarn cutters, scissors, and stitch markers for crochet
  • Yarn bag
  • Plastic totes for yarn storage
  • Shelving for tote storage
  • Under the bed boxes for yarn storage
  • Cool crochet hook sets
  • Books: of course there is always our CLF First Ever Book, but there are others out there too! Everything from Amigurumi to¬†How to’s. A favorite of mine is Lily Chin’s¬†“Crochet Tips & Tricks”, it’s invaluable!¬† For the crocheter with everything, how about¬†Mary¬†Beth Temple’s¬†lasted offering, Hooked for Life;¬†Confessions of a Crochet Zealot”¬†it’s a great read, lots of¬†fun, and I don’t know a crocheter that¬†won’t¬†identify with one or more of the chapters!¬†
  • Subscriptions to your favorite crochet magazines are another great suggestion!
  • How about a membership to the CGOA?
  • How about signing you up for the Crochet @ Cama Retreat in 2010 sponsored by the CLF? Registration opens Dec. 31, so they can just make you a little card saying “Yeah! sign up for that!”

Any other good ideas for gifting US? Leave them in a reply here!

Holiday Crochet: More for HIM!

Open Mitten

Originally uploaded by raelovzyou

Looking for a quick and dirty project for one of themen in your life? These open mittens are a sure hit!

Pattern by Sue Norad, and available HERE.

Made with a fairly bulky yarn & an H hook you can whip these out in no time!

The photo pictured was posted by raelovzyou on Ravelry.com!

Keep your eyes posted for more Holiday Crochet projects. Also, a quick reminder that the CLF First Ever book is available on Amazon.com, and through the CLF Website for under $30 AND as a pdf download for only $9.99!

Holiday Crochet: Something for HIM!


Originally uploaded by lutzheather

For those men in our lives that are just hard to figure out what to crochet for I offer you these gorgeous crocheted moccasin slippers!

Made by Crochetgrl on Ravlery.com using a pattern by Sue Norrad these fetching (size 10) slippers look suave, warm and cozy!

They shouldn’t take too long to make, so if you have been agonizing over what to make HIM, then take a stab at these. Using Lion Brand Suede it should work up fast, and the yarn is pretty easy to come by!

Holiday Crochet: A few tips on gifting.

I’ll get back to my regular schedule programming of putting up cool crochet ideas for the holiday mad crafting season, but I thought I should take a moment and give some gifting advice.

So often in forums and in email groups I hear the sad tale of hard working crocheters who lovingly make gifts for family and friends only to have them unappreciated by the recipients. I have to say I have not had that experience, my family actually has no problem over loading me with requests, and I’ve had to get very serious about stating what I can have done by when etc…such as, “Yes, you will all get blankets, however not all of them will be done right away. Throughout the year and into 2011 I will be making these. I love you all, the order they are made are not in order of preference.”

But, I hear the lonely voice out there saying, “I wish my family did that…”

Well here’s the deal folks, in any gift giving whether it is handmade or store bought a few simple rules apply:

 Know your audience. ~ What are their interests? Do they like the out of doors, are they computer geeks? Are they forever attached to a cell phone or hand held gaming device? Do they have allergies? What is their lifestyle like? Are they super busy? Can they afford dry cleaning? Would they bother to wash something by hand and air dry it? Do they have babies? What are their ideas about resource use? Do they want natural fibers? Do they care?

And here’s a big one: What is their favorite color?

I’ll give you a totally non crafting related example: My cousin hates, and I mean, HATES orange. Her mother in law of almost 20 years consistently buys her house hold decor and plates etc in what color? Orange.

Ok, do it once, it’s cause you didn’t know. Do it again and again after being informed that someone doesn’t care for that color (my cousin has not informed her mother in law in a rude way, but she has let her know…) and sheesh it seems like you the giver, doesn’t really care.

When I make items I spend almost as much time thinking about the person and what they like/dislike, what they enjoy doing, their life style, interests, and what or how the item might be used as I do making the thing!

Which is why my handcrafted gifts are most welcome, and why my lovely nieces and nephews¬† give me their gift ¬†requests. They know I hear what they want, and do my best to make it happen. Effort is appreciated, and it doesn’t take much effort to ask: What’s your favorite color.

If they don’t like it after all of that? Well screw ’em, they are just ungrateful (EVIL GRIN).

Holiday Crochet: Santa’s Helpers need cozy toesies

group shot

Originally uploaded by gray la gran

I love these elf slippers! These were made by Graylagran on Ravelry. I think i blogged these or a pattern like these last year, but they tickle my fancy! Somethings just never get old!

The pattern is by Carolyn Christmas, and can be found HERE!

I just think these are adorable, they work up quick, are durable, and fun for the holidays!

Holiday Crochet: Simple, Pretty, and ooh so impressive!

One of the things I love about crocheting gifts is how easily impressed people are! In fact some of the simplest gifts look ” oh so complicated”. Not that it doesn’t take skill to make beautiful things like this Earthen Treasures necklace by CLF member Truknit., it does. But simple, and quick projects like this, combined with a good eye for beads, and an artful flare make a great recipe for successful gift giving!

You can find this pattern here¬†it’s by Jennie Atkinson, and really check out Truknits project page for more information!

Definately a winner especially for those who love to accessorize!

For the Mer-folk lovers in your life!

Arianna Mermaid Doll

Originally uploaded by Carolyn Christmas

My teenage niece is totally into Mermaids! I’ve been searching through the crochet projects on Ravelry.com looking for mermaid-spiration for her Christmas present!

I ran across this adorable amigurumi by Caroyln Christmas! The pattern is available for purchase on Ravlery. It’s too cute!

As the count down to the holidays happens, I’ll keep posting quick and easy projects! If you are looking for patterns or inspiration, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to come up with some fun ideas!

And don’t forget the CLF First Ever Book can be purchased from the CLF Official Website, both in Hard Copy and as a PDF download!


Christmas for Kitty


Originally uploaded by Craft Kitten

The CLF’s very own Craftkitten (aka Jennifer Reeve) made this fun cat toy which was featured in the CLF First Ever Book! Kitties love em!
In fact her feline loved the first one she made so much, she had to make a second one! (The first met a kitty cat in a dark alley…)

The pattern is called Sea Horsin’ Around¬†(see it in her projects pages)!

For those of you with kitties that just can’t get enough of the good toys, here’s a great stocking stuffer.

Though, I think if just stuffed with polyfill it’s a cool piece o Ami for the kids(including the big ones!) in your life that love sea critters too!

More holiday crafting ideas coming up, so stay tuned!