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And the Winner is! Baby Got Drape!

CLF member Hapikamper shows us that indeed texture and drape work!

CLF member Hapikamper shows us that indeed texture and drape work!

Ok, I agonized, I tossed, and I turned. It was so hard to decide who won the competition! All of the examples were excellent! Thank you to all who entered the competition! Many of those entries can be seen on our new blog page: Crochet & Drape.

Without further ado…The first place winner of the Baby Got Drape Competition (and recipient of our First Ever Book) is: Leslie P. aka Hapikamper!

Her Copenhagen Jacket is really fabulous! It shows that a solid, and textured stitch pattern can indeed be drapey!

Congratulations Lelsie, this is a wonderful example of drape!

My second pick (and recipient of a CLF T-shirt), is by Sarah C. aka Ms. Busyfingers, who used a Merino/Silk yarn that she dyed with Lichen to make this goreous dress. She designed the dress inspired by Angela Best’s Teal Leaves Sweater. She used a 3.5 mm hook with the above mentioned sock yarn!

CLF Member Ms. Busyfingers proves lace and drape.
CLF Member Ms. Busyfingers proves lace and drape.

Thank you to all of those who submitted photos! It was hard to choose winners, because each entry was fabulous! Your wonderful work is on it’s own page now!

Baby Got Drape Competition

Thanks to all of you who have entered the Baby Got Drape Competition! I will be chosing the winners sometime this week, then I shall announce the winners to the world!

We have some lovely, and I mean LOVELY examples of drape in crochet submitted! All of the projects will be put up on a special page on this blog with a definition of drape that you can link to when the whole “Crochet doesn’t have drape” discussion rears it’s ugly head 😉

Hook on! Live Long!

News and more on Drape Competition!

First Iwould love to share the great news that Mary Beth Temple’s Hooked for LIfe is going into it’s second printing! Hah, we kept saying the crocheters could read! Congratulatoins to Mary Beth Temple on that brilliant good news, and I have to admit that after the review here on the CLF Blog; I have read and read the book at least five times 🙂 Love it!


By the way, it’s Monday and that means Mary Beth Temple’s LIVE podcast happens at 9pm Eastern/6 Pacific at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mary-beth-temple! Don’t miss her show!

And more information about the competition!

Someone posed this thought/question “Is it not unfair to have lace entered or open work because they automatically drape?”

Nope. It’s not unfair, and one reason is that they do not always automatically drape. I make lace so tight I don’t need starch. And, if you use worsted weight yarn and a g hook you get stiff no matter what, you may end up with a “drapier” fabric that way, but it will not necessarily produce drape.

We want every kind of drape you can think of in crochet: Solid fabric, open work, lace, swatches of all of those…what ever. Send in your photos PLEASE!

The more PROOF we have the better, and I promise a WHOLE BLOG PAGE to the results!

Remember the competition ends August 9th! I want pictures!

Baby Got Drape!

Vashti Braha brought up a good statement on Twitter…We keep getting accused of not having drape…


Give me a break. Of course you can have drapey crochet. It depends on the fiber, hook, and stitch pattern. Huh, kinda like in the other craft.  I mean each fabric is created with a property in mind. Sometimes we want stretch, some times we want no stretch, some times we want to have drape and sometimes we do not. HELLO WORLD…it’s called options, and choices.

Once again may I reiterate, understanding fiber properties is the key to achieving the look, and feel you wish to have in your projects. You can not use a “bouncy” stretchy wool and get the drape of say, Merino wool. Merino has very little stretch memory (especially commerically processed Merino they take all the life out of it), and so it drapes much like a plant fiber (linen, cotton etc)…Obviously unless you are using a mongo hook with kitchen cotton a J hook isn’t going to give you drape, right? I mean really think about it, you have to have some ease in your stitches to achieve drape.

Just making a little point here, of course we can have drape if we want drape. Duh…duh and more duh. Before you let some ignorant person put down your crochet, and say it can’t have drape just ask them how they know this? Are they repeating the information from someone, without EVER having checked out to see if it’s a fact or not?

And if you happen to be making a basket out of crochet at the time, say, “Sure I can get drape, but how would my basket stand up then?”

Ignorance astounds me.